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Welcome to Cats Mats

Cats mats are for protecting soft furnishing against cat hair and bits from the garden and a great alternative to cat beds. Simply remove one when you want to sit on a clean seat and when visitors arrive. Remember to replace them when you leave your seat, even if you only make a cup of tea, pre-warmed seats are very attractive to cats! Much easier to keep clean than a throw or blanket. Carrier mats are for cat carrying baskets for a comfortable journey and no loose materials to get tangled up in, these mats can also be used as windowsill mats or floor mats which has the added bonus of when in the carrier, has the comforting scents of home.

Cats windowsill mats encourage cats to sit bird watching, clean themselves and sleep comfortably in the window. Cats floor mats can be used on carpet, wooden or tiled floors, particularly good by a radiator! Cats like to have lots of different places to sleep. Cats mats can also be used to protect your bed if your cat loves to join you at bedtime.

Cats mats can also be used to line old cat beds to make them warmer and easier to keep clean.

    No more cat fur on the sofa
thanks to Cats mats.